Fish of the month

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We’ve always prided ourselves on serving fresh, local produce with las low a carbon footprint as possible, but in April we took it one step further and began our introduction of fish of the month. We will now be championing a fish each month based on what is seasonal and readily available from our suppliers at that time. You may have heard of Eat the seasons which is a brilliant site you can visit to see what the seasonal food of the week or even month is. We hope this will further reduce the energy associated with both growing and transporting produce, we can avoid paying a premium for ingredients meaning we can keep the prices down for our customers and all in all make sure we continue selling the freshest, tastiest food which you all know and love. 

In April our fish of the month was Scallops, and for March it is Lemon Sole. As well as the fish themselves, we’ve also been focusing on other ingredients such as wild garlic and samphire which are more readily available at the moment too. 

Although you might assume the Lemon Sole it is related to the Dover Sole given its name, it is actually a member of the plaice family and more closely related to dab or flounder.

Lemon sole has delicate, sweet white flesh, is an excellent source of protein and is low in fat and saturated fat.